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The Role Of London Filming Agencies In The Film Making Process

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The Role Of Filming Agencies In The Film Making Process

An agency in the simplest of definitions refers to any entity, be it a company, an organization or a firm, that represents a group of people that do share a set of common interests. These sets of people could be anyone from musicians to actors or even models.

The filmmaking process is an actual systematic procedure that is followed by film agencies and content creators to come up with a final product (film). The process starts with planning (which is also identified as pre-production) where the initial idea is pitched and scripted roughly together with gathering the required characters for the specified film, deciding on the location where the film will be shot and also ensuring that all the legalities are researched and adhered to.

The second stage is the actual production (filming) where the necessary equipment is gathered and shooting begins. It is recommended that fewer hours are shot to make the next step easier. This stage requires a lot of communication between the production office and the team that is at the shooting location. The third stage is post-production which involves editing the shot films to improve quality and also the consistency of the images, motions and also sound. The fourth and final stage involves distributions which could be done using the so many channels available including, without limiting; social media, media houses and also bigger production agencies. The importance of film agencies in the above process therefore includes:

Division of labor and specialization

Different agencies are tasked with different roles when it comes to the production process. It is possible to have a different agency at every stage of the production phase or one multitasking among different stages. However, the importance of having different London film agencies at different stages is that the output of every stage is quality because every agency has expertise on a particular stage and hence the end product become quality. Even when one agency carries out the entire process, there is a very big chance that the stages are divided equally among all the departments that are available.

The famous David Ogilvy Quote

In his quote, Ogilvy suggested that it is beneficial hiring people that are better than us. Applying the same concept with filming agencies, every agency has their own specialization as mentioned earlier. This means that at every stage of the film process there is someone who is better than the rest and consequently it is important to hire them for better productivity.


These agencies are a major talking point for the film team, who are; producer (managing the film from start to finish), director (oversight of shooting and assembly), writer (organizes the sequence of events in the film), production designer (transformation of the script to the play), art director (for setting the physical location of the film), costume designer (decides what the characters in the film will wear), cinematographer (responsible for technical parts of the camera and lighting), editor (organizes the shots taken by the photographer into logical sequences) and the individual characters of the film. Agencies act as an ‘umbrella’ for the entire team approaching sponsors and other stakeholders as on entity instead of as individuals.

Streamlining the filming process

Having agencies helps stakeholders in figuring out who to approach and for what specific stage of the process. It makes the planning of the process easy as every stage has their own agency. This goes along in even helping with scheduling and also budgeting of the process as everyone approaches the ‘table’ knowing their duration and their budget. They do help in breaking down the entire process for simplicity, efficiency and easy tracking of the process.

The importance of agencies in their contribution to the film process cannot be ignored. As many may argue on increased overhead costs regarding differentiation, the importance that is achieved by the same and the quality of the film, which is the most important aspect, overshadow the costs. The benefits are also recognized after a certain period of time.

Agencies were initially used for negotiation and legal procedures but their functions gave actually diversified over time to cover a lot of important aspects that are tied with films and also the entire process discussed in this article.